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About SNS

NUST symbolizes quality and excellence. Its spirited faculty, industrious students and excellent support infrastructure provide an academic environment, found only in the very best of the world universities. National University of Sciences and Technology is a multi-sectoral university which offers a wide range of study options. By virtue of its merit-based selection, it attracts the most talented students who perpetuate a culture of academic excellence. The academic programs are duly accredited by the respective professional bodies, and the qualifications are recognized internationally for their quality and relevance.

Principal's Message

Dr. Rashid Farooq

Welcome to NUST-School of Natural Sciences. Pertinent information relevant to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Statistics enthusiasts, parents and alumni can be accessed at this forum where significant updates on the exciting changes taking place at SNS in recent years are regularly updated. Major research areas at NUST-SNS include mathematical physics, differential equations, computational mathematics, discrete mathematics, analysis, algebra, quantum theory with an emphasis on quantum field theory and foundations of quantum mechanics, relativistic physics with an emphasis on general relativity, cosmology, relativistic astrophysics, high energy physics with a focus on particle physics beyond the standard model, branches of chemistry including inorganic, analytical, organic, physical and nano chemistry, core dimensions of statistics comprising Bayesian statistics, multivariate statistics and environmental statistics.

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